Welcome to OneAmerica March

Welcome to OneAmerica March

Welcome to OneAmerica MarchWelcome to OneAmerica MarchWelcome to OneAmerica March

Proposed USTR tariffs would close thousands of American businesses, resulting in never before seen loss of American jobs.



Red, White & Blue Clothing Encouraged

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

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There are many venues close by to grab a coffee or quick breakfast before the event


Freedom Plaza
1455 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20004


Walk from Freedom Plaza to Lafayette Square (White House)


12:30PM - 3:30PM

The Hamilton 

(.3 mile walk from Lafayette Square)

600 14th ST NW

Washington, DC 20005

This is a peaceful, non-partisan protest. This is not an attack on The President, his Administration or other Political entities. We are merely trying to bring awareness and educate the public on current and proposed tariffs. 

List of USTR's Proposed Goods to be Tariffed: 

Yogurt, Milk, Cream, Butter, Cheddar Cheese, Italian Cheeses, Swiss Cheese, Romano, Reggiano, Provolone, American-type cheese, Stilton Cheese, Blue cheese, Colby Cheese, Goya cheese, Oranges, Mandarins, Clementines, Lemons, Cherries, Pork, Mussels, Clams, Cockles, Razor Clams, Molluscs, Frozen Pig Meat, Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, Olives, Pork sausages, Peaches, Vegetable Juice, Pork Shoulders, Pork Hams, Pears, Pear Juice, Prune Juice, Coffee, Axes, Base Metal Tweezers, Pliers, Metal Cutting Shears, Pipe Cutters, Bolt Cutters, Screwdrivers, Various Machinery, Microwave Ovens, Sweet Biscuits, Waffles, Wafers, Printed Books, Pictures, Self-propelled Backhoes and shovels, Single Malt Irish and Scotch Whiskies, Sweaters, Pullovers, Sweatshirts, Waistcoats, Wind Breakers, Suits, Nightdresses, Pajamas, Swimwear, Blankets, Rugs, Bed Linen, Helicopters, Frozen Hams, Swordfish Steaks, Salmon Fillets, Trout, Crabmeat, Crabs, Crustaceans, Gouda Cheese, Grapefruit, Limes, Herrings, Lobster, Oysters, Scallops, Cuttle Fish, Octopus, Pasta, Jams, Non-alcoholic Beer, Wine, Essential Oils, Handbags, Wooden Tools, Paper in Rolls, Cotton Fabric, Twine, Carpets, Textile Floor Coverings, Ceramic Tiles, Ceramic Household Table and Kitchenware, Ceramic Mugs and Steins, Ceramic punch bowls, Glassware, Paving Blocks, Bricks, Slabs, Tiles, Silver, Precious Metal, Iron, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Butcher’s or Kitchen Cleavers and Knives, Parts for Bicycles and Motorcycles, Prisms, Binoculars, Wall Clocks, Artist Brushes

OneAmerica, OneWorld

We are all in this together. Please, speak up, join us. It makes no sense that industries which include numerous self-made small businesses, are on the verge of being decimated due to a dispute between two giant corporations, Boeing and Airbus. 

This is unethical, unfair, unjust and un-American. 

#oneamerica #tariffied #notjustwine

This is a free event with no copyright or branding agenda. The only agenda is to save American businesses and jobs